Cupcakes and Cookies!!

*Drum roll*

*Drum roll lagi*

Okeh dah, sile jangan over.


Dear readers,

I would love to announce that my baby business is back into operation effective today. Yes, yes you read me right, Shila's Cupcakes telah kembali.

Except that I have to restrict order for weekends only AND please, place your order at least a week yer. Well, mainly because I need to plan and manage a lot things now and including in the list is my little milk sucker. =)

Between, I need to revise the price, taking into consideration of cost increased BUT don't worry, it will goes flat for all designs and themes. =) Except that if you request for additional sugar works (fondant), then I may need to add extra charge to that.

So, the NEW price now is RM65. I've asked around for the new revised price and they said its fairly reasonable especially when looking at the cuppies works that I've done. =) So, ok lah kot kan? Hihihihi....

Just in case you have forgotten my cupcakes blog, here's the link to it. Or some might not even know about it. Hihihihi



There's a little extension to Shila's Cupcakes as well. Biasa lah, kite kena bergerak maju kehadapan kan? Kuikuikuikuikui.


Yes, I made cookies as well. For the big size cookies (3.5" to 5.0", depends on cutter), the price is RM4 per piece with minimum order of 25 pieces. For bite size cookies, the price is RM25 per box of 50pcs (but design is limited to heartshape, butterfly and flower with simple icing on it).

So, if you are planning for baby shower, bridal shower, aqiqah, birthday, wedding or other events, so here the cookies to add more colors to your great day! Or you can have the bite size cookies, something different for your hari raya cookies jar.

So, that's about it lovelies. Email me at for any enquiries or orders. =)

Sayang-sayang sekalian, due the overwhelming quiries on bite size cookies, itu sebenarnya untuk Hari Raya only. Maaf yer kalau penjelasan kat atas tu tak berapa nak clear. =P I mean, I can't be doing only 50 bite size cookies for only RM25 at a time kan? Tak berbaloi and time consuming and more. But not for raya as I will be accepting number of orders kan, so everything can be done at one go. Begitulah alkisahnya...So, do keep your order for this upcoming hari raya okeh darling-darling semua. =) Puasa belum, kecoh nak raya lah kan. Kuikuikuikui...

: : Bite size cookies for Hari Raya: :


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