Haluuu sayang-sayang sekalian.

Mahaps, saya tidak dapat meng-hapdet blog so often for now. But don't worry, it will only be temporary and fingers will continue typing on blogger.com once my Smart Orange program is completed. Ini bukan program yang ada kena mengena dengan buah oren, tapi sempena warna oren yang menjadi warna rasmi Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Clear?

I have so much to share in here but 24 hours seems to be insufficient for me now. First, I'm losing my patience with my job and everything is off limit now. Exploded sudah okeh?? And don't let me go the hard way on you, okehhh? Nevertheless, I decided to put aside the whole wtf&%!!#??!! and play the game seriously now. Enuff said, I know many been reading my blog, karang kena panggil dengan bos pulak. Agagagagaggaga...!!! Report ah. I'm being LOUD now. I can play the hard way too. Geddit???

Second, I need to give more attention and extra extra care to Adam now. Due to his eczema. No, it's not that severe but I just need to do something and keep looking for the best medicine and cream that will heal him best. I mean eczema will go and heal completely by itself but until it happens, it will be an on-off kind of thing. Sekejap ada, sekejap tak ada. Begitulah...And dermatologist said that Adam may be allergic to cow's milk and she suggested us to switch his milk from Enfalac A+ to Isomil. Will talk about this more later ;)

Third, on the cookies. I'm glad that many customers have been interested on my cookies-gerdix-hari-raya and thank you a whole bunch to those who have placed their order recently. Don't proceed with the payment first okels, nanti order dah bukak secara rasmi then only you do the said. =)

Fourth, I wanted to update about my PB progress but unfortunately, time is my biggest constraint now. Training. Kerja. Baby. Suami. Rehat. Dan lain lain. So, sehingga suatu masa yang lain, saya update okeh? I've lost 4 kilos in 3 weeks time! Amazing rite? Most importantly my eating plan is just as normal. Nasi masih menjadi menu wajib dua kali sehari. ;)

Fifth, the freaking hair loss and the frizzy tresses. Rambut gugur macam boleh kutip buat rambut palsu okeh. So, I cut my hair short. I mean, not that short, but I made it layered shoulder length. Peek-a-boo, The Curve made a great job to my hair, as always. Worth every penny for the hair and scalp treatment and hair cut too. =)

Sudah. Kalau nak list semua, terlalu banyak melampau. Then that will include kucing belakang rumah beranak lagi. Dan kain for baju raya. Okeh, puasa belum habes ganti.

Owh cop! cop! Kami dapat tapak 20 x 20 untuk pesta convo UTM. Untuk 7 hari!! Throw me some ideas please, apakah yang patut dijual dan pasti laris? Air wajib ah jual, easy money mehhh. Dan convo cookies. Still looking for more. Kalau ada ilham, sile lah kongsi yer. Nak cari henbeg duit raya neh. =P

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