New Toy~!

Wooottt wooottt!!

Untuk pertama kalinya merasa hidup ini penuh berteknologi. dan canggih of course. Frankly speaking, I never had any of super WOW-I-Want-That-Handphone before and today, after 26 years, I finally owned this hot piece gadget; Telepon Epal.

Nyumm Nyumm!!

Sesungguhnya saya jakun. Hihihihi.

So I spent the whole night browsing for tutorials, tips and tricks and downloading free applications instead of baking cookies as planned before. =P Still there are more to explore, but one thing for sure, this piece of thing will be my ultimate life saver from dying bored in meeting/training/workshop and such. Agagagagga *evil grin*

I am no good at giving review on gadget but all I can say is, I love my new affair with Missy Epal very much. =) Tho the iTunes installation wasn't as easy as clicking the Auto Run only. There was a problem with my Vista OS where I keep getting this "The folder iTunes cannot be found and created, and is required. and bla bla bla". I had to google for solutions and spent hours of reading and understanding the IT jargons in order to fix the problem. Now I know what is registry editor in every OS. and what is ulib.dll. Kagum kagummm...

And I wonder why it took me so long to realize the existence of this amazing human invention. Kagum lagi dengan kesedaran teknologi diri sendiri. Tibe-tibe tergedik nak handphone canggih bagaikan. =P

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