Infant Early Education: Flashcards

I'm actively searching for reading materials on 'right brain kids' now. With all the fast-catching-everything in the world today, early education is seen to be important to every young ambitious parent, including me. But don't worry, I am not that highly F1 driven to make my kid(s) just next to Einstein. Or Sufiah. Or Adi Putra. Because I don't want them to spend most of their childhood days doing number crunching or memorising what-da-heck super difficult formulas and at the end, losing the wonderful times playing konda-kondi, masak-masak, polisentri, korek pasir dalam longkang and such.


Early education is still highly important in my agenda. And I will try my best to let them learn through experience, observation and exploration from every fun activities that I can think of every now and then. (must jot down every activity that I find good and fun for the kids). I have sand play, origami, water colors, crayon, lego, playdoh, plaster clay, swimming, cookies baking now in my list and still adding more to it everyday. :) Any idea?

But for my going-to-3 months baby, flashcard is one of the medium to help stimulate his brain and enrich his mind with new things/words everyday. I think 4-5 cards for 2-3 times a day will do good already and I will make sure that every session won't last any longer than 10 minutes. It's a quick and fast session and I don't want to overdo it as I belived that he will be able learn through repetition. Takut the overstimulation/overloading/overdrilling their brain will impede his natural learning process.

Flashcard je lah for now, because duit tabungan untuk Shichida class is still in progress. Hahahaha. And it's not that easy to enter the class anyway, because you have to book for the slot upfront.

So, I googled for the free flashcard printout because I am just too stingy to spend for one from Borders. Ahahah, no, just kidding. Actually, it is more convenient and easy for me to search from web and print it on my own. And I can get more of flashcards this way. Cheapo method. =) Or should I say that I made use of the endless resources over the net? Mahal ok kalau nak beli segala jenis flashcards tu. Furthermore it's not that easy to find infant stimulation flashcards with black+white+red images from book stores. And sharing one of those is BrillKids and they really have an extensive resources of flashcards, ebook and activity sheets. Go get yours now mommies and start showing it to your babies~!

Like I said before, flashcard is just one of the medium and I don't have any intention to replace his funtime crawling in grass or playing Maktok's flower pots or digging soils with books and flashcards. Babies are fast learners and I shouldn't cramp mine with music-swimming-Japanese language-math class, unless my kid(s) decided for one. I go on the basis of "let them grow and learn through life experience and classes are secondary as to support their needs". =)


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