Ape? Blogging sudah tak menarik?

Blogging is no more fun as before.

To a certain extent, possibly yes.

But come to think of it, twice and thrice, no, because this is one of my passive incomes, tho many bloggers have been complaining on "abes lah tak boleh kepochi cik bedah, sebab orang tu baca, orang ni baca" and etc.

True enough that readers can actually affect our mood of writing. We'll spend a lot of time considering things from reader's point of view and ended up keeping the opinions/idea/stories to ourselves, rather than to make our voice heard in the blog.

Not many people can actually throw and express their anger and frustration here, knowing that this makcik, bos, kak tipah and a whole long list of mak minah clan been reading the blog. And to cut thing short, they will either privatize the blog or write and share those rosy stories only. Lalu menjadi depresi kerna stress dan marah tak terluah. And as an adult, it ain't easy to dash thing against a wall or throw it on the floor in a way to express your anger and frustration. Sudahnya, poket rosak kerna ditebar ke seluruh shopping malls.


I will continue writing. Even that I'm well aware that my mom, husband, aunties, uncles, cousins, in law, bosses, collegues, ex-schoolies are reading my blog. Terima kasih, sile datang lagi. Buat tambah duit Nuffnang I ok. =)

Semua ada di sini. Happy & Sad. Good & Bad. Controversy. Anger. Frust. Mad. Yang tak ada, perang dunia ke dua puluh dengan Mat Kown. Agagaggagga. Cerita laki bini, baling pinggan periuk belanga, I simpan dalam bilik saja. Hihihihihi.


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