Living with Baby Eczema


I have found the 'miracle remedy' to my son's eczema. Well, not a total cure but at least the condition has improved very much since I first applied the cream, about three weeks ago.

Protopic ointment.

We have tried so many products; lotions, creams, oils, baths (as prescribed by his paed and dermatologist) on him, to a certain extent that I was so worried that we might overwork his skin. We noticed the eczema when he was just one month old and that happened when we first introduced him to formula. I thought it was a mild rashes that usually happened to baby and little did I know that cow's milk actually worsen the condition because he didn't show any other signs of allergy to cow's milk. (in a way of throwing up and rejecting the milk altogether). In fact he puts on weight tremendously from 3.5kg newborn baby to nearly 5.4 kg in two months time.

We consulted Dr. Chia (dermatologist from Pantai Medical) and Datuk Dr. Biduwiah (dermatologist from Ampang Puteri) and both resulted in giving the same reasons and advices. Eczema potentially come from inside and in Adam'case, it could be because both parents are allergies to dust and animal's fur. Or Adam himself is allergy to dairy products. Or it could be both. Seriously it was so heartbreaking to see my baby with these red splotches all over his body that time.

As for now, we will just stick to Isomil at least until next few months and applied Simple moisturiser all over his body religiously. This is VERY and HIGHLY important to keep the skin moisture at all time. And occasionally lather Protopic ointment as and when needed. Much to my relief that the nasty flares and red scaly patches are very minimal now.

Above all, not one single remedy that actually works for all. A lot (like really a lot) of experimentation and observation need to be done in order to get us to the root cause. And a lot of "No this!" "Don't that" are highlighted now in my brain in order to avoid from buying baby's products which contained those obscure culprit ingredients such as alcohol, paraban and etc.

Here are few tips that I have in hand (and strictly follow through) which I thought might be usefull for mommies/daddies out there:

1. Use non-toxic, non scented, hypo allergenic baby detergent. Rinse of your baby cloths properly so that there is no soap residue. Double rinse lebih bagus.

2. Use 100% cotton material. NO denim. NO wool. NO synthetic clothings.

3. Keep baby skin moisture at all time.

4. Bathe baby in lukewarm water as warmer water can cause itch and irritation.

5. Use soap sparingly. I mean, how dirty the baby can be pun kan?

6. NO fragrance/scented baby products to be used on him.

7. Change his bedsheet on every 3 days. Well, extra works for mommy. =P

8. Most importantly, monitor baby's diet. Delay baby's first feeding if possible. Make it one food at a time in order to assess baby's reaction to each individual food given.

9. Damp dust regularly (I used baby wipes) as dry dusting can actually spread the dust further. Choose vacuum over sweeping, if possible.

10. Keep the house ventilated.

11. Do not rub the skin, gently pat it with soft cotton towel after bathing.

12. Avoid rapid changes in temperature.

13. Put long sleeves and pants during nightime to minimise scratching. I put on mittens as well, because my baby is not able to control scratching yet.

14. Do not leave your baby in wet nappy as it will irritate the sensetive skin. Leave the nappy off for a while to allow the skin to breathe.

: : Before and after bath usage : :

: : To be consumed when necessary : :

: : Current rescue kit : :

Last but not least, items for sale! Paed tak bagi guna bahan-bahan lain dari yang di-prescribed. Bath wash, baby oil, super rescue cream all brand new. Except the organic rescue cream (white & light blue tube, used 10%).

All for RM110 inclusive postage. =)


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