Number one England football fan~!

Sorry son. Your choice is pretty limited now. At least until next 10 years when you are able to voice out your own favourite football team. For now England it is. Mama tak bersalah, Tok Wan was the one who bought this adorable outfits for you baby. ;) But don't worry, you still have an alternative to join the hijau kuning tanahku, darul aman negeriku, hijau kuning darahku, negeri kedah negeriku...Hihihihi.

(Walaupun tanah sekarang kuning biru merah, kuala lumpur negeriku, merah darahku, kuala lumpur negeriku, Ayah sayang kuasanya veto) =P

: : My little footballer : :

: : Goallll!!! : :

: : Own NO!!! : :

: : Chill la weh~ : :

: : Tido pun bola : :


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