Adam demam, sob sob sob....

Sorry, no Hari Raya story because I'm not in the mood to update for one.

My baby has fever and he has been vomiting for three times now. Owh, and a very runny stools for today too. I hope he gets better soon and not suffering from diarrhea as the diaper count is only 2. After all, he's already completed his Rotavirus vaccination last month.

I'm not sure what is considered as fever to a normal 5 months young baby but one thing for sure, Adam is not bahaving normally and lively like every other days. His forehead and body feels hotter than usual and I am really worried as his body temperature keep increasing from 37.1°C to 37.6°C and 37.8°C now.

He gets very cranky, fussy and refuse to sleep at any other place except in his tok wan's cradle. Hah, tersengguk-sengguklah Abah den tak boleh baring, kena tido duduk sebab Adam nak tido cradle position.

I will start working tomorrow after this whole long Hari Raya leaves since 17th Sept. But if Adam is not getting any better until tomorrow morning, I will have to take an EL and take him to see his paed at Pantai next morning. Even if bosses jadi raksaksa gorgon and give me below average for rating kerna EL saja budak ini, I don't mind. Duit boleh cari, anak permata hati tak boleh. Cinta hati saya cuma ada satu dan tak boleh ditukar ganti.

P/S: Tok Cik, cucu kesayangan demam ni, please pray for his speedy recovery. Satu hari dia tak gelak, angkat kepala pun tak larat ja...Adam mintak MC noo, tak masuk ofis esok. =P


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