Nyamuk Jahatttt!!

Dem yuh mosquitoes!

For only one night that I forgot to spray that Ridsect-menghapus-nyamuk-dengan-cepat and to switch on Ridsect Goodnight Liquid, see what these bloody mosquitoes have done to my son.

Now he has 7 red bumps on his face that resemble mosquitoes blotchy bites. It's like he has this sign saying "sweet blood, eat me" that only mosquito can see, huhuhuhu.

*Poor you my little baby*

My husband got dengue several months ago and now you are trying to eat my baby alive! I hate you pesky mosquitoes!

Now I need to look for antimozzie stuff that is safe for my baby. Or can I keep mosquitoes off my baby by spraying repellent? (for babies, the one I found is Chicco Anti Mozzie) And for God knows why, he doesn't like to sleep under mosquito net. Luckily he doesn't have any bad reaction to mosquito bites except that ugly red bumps that I believed will heal in few days time.


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