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I have been receiving emails and comments from few of my darling readers, asking me on what is this USANA is all about. Don't worry Sayang-Sayang sekalian, I am more than happy to explain (in general) what is really USANA. Or maybe more on its product goreng pisang panas.

*Tukar mode gaya Cik Kiah buat direct selling dari rumah ke rumah* Hihihihihi

USANA is still considered new to Malaysia market as it was launced somewhere in year 2007. *It has a very good prospect and I believed there is fantastic market out there for USANA products*

But let's not talk about the marketing plan as it needs one-to-one session for that matter and I think, introducing the products is what most important here. Most of the time, its the tangible item that people are looking at and then come the rest. Macam tengok baju, "Wahhh, cantik gile babas baju itu! Mahu! Mahu! Mahu!". Then only you look for the price and sometimes it could be very sad to know that you can't afford that piece of baju cantik.

*Jap, pikir nak cakap apa tadi neh*

Ok, the products. USANA products range from nutritionals to foods and personal care. But what I like to emphasize more in here is the weight lose program, because most often than not, that is what we concerned and worried more in life (Especially us ladies. Termasuk I ofkos).

Or in my case, "Wahhhhh!! extra-extra inches! and stubborn kilos to shed!" so I started to look for meal replacement plan that comes with healthy nutrients and perfect combo of cheap+easy+delicious. Cheap in a way that I can still pay without feeling guilty for spending so much on a SHAKE, easy in a way that I can prepare my shake with only plain cold water even if I'm in office, or on the go and delicious in way that not feeling yucky-yucky-wek-wek right after drinking the shake.

Let's go detail on the hot-hot-hit weight lose products (but please remember, this is NOT UBAT KURUS). This is a meal replacement plan and it is your responsibility to control and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Your whole diet plan will be screwed if you still eat like there will be no tomorrow, especially on sugary products. I admit, eating chocolates mostly everyday, even worst at night, during my pregnancy caused this bloody 35 extra kilos on me. Tapi skarang ada lebih 15kg lagi je lah. =P

Ok, let’s go detail on the above two: Nutrimeal and Fibergy.


: : Dutch Chocolate & French Vanilla : :

Member's Price: RM110 (get this special price for first time buying~!)

Non Member's Price: RM132

This is a quality source of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and many micronutrients in two delicious flavours (dutch chocolate and French vanilla).

It provides low glycemic complex carbohydrates and 8 grams of dietary fibre per serving. This is a balanced meal replacement drink and a quality source of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and many micronutrients.

The benefits of soy and whey proteins
Each serving of Dutch Chocolate provides 15 grams of soy, whey, and other proteins. French Vanilla NUTRIMEAL provides 15 grams of soy protein. Soy protein is a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids in optimal ratios and in a highly digestible form. Whey protein, which is also easily digestible, is an excellent source of amino acids essential for building a healthy body.

Low glycemic carbohydrate and fibre nutrimeal has low-glycemic index of 23, to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and deliver sustained energy throughout the day. Each serving also contains 8 grams of high quality dietary fibre.


: : Almond Creme & Peach Mango : :

Member's Price: RM110 (get this special price for first time buying~!)

Non Member's Price: RM132

• Advanced fibre drink mix providing 14 sources of dietary fibre
• Contains 12 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre in each serving--more than twice the amount of other fibre products
• A good source of potassium.

Fibre in diet
FIBERGY™ is the easy and delicious way to get your daily requirement of healthy fiber. *Seriously good to overcome constipation* The FIBERGY drink has a 2:1 ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber, which is ideal for health and this is an excellent source of dietary fibre.

Fibergy drink mix
With a smooth texture and great taste, FIBERGY is something you will look forward to every day. The high fibre content also will leave you satisfied, so you won't be looking for a snack an hour later.

A serving of FIBERGY contains 12 grams of fibre from 14 different sources. Consuming multiple sources of dietary fibre can be beneficial because different types of fibre (oat bran, citrus pectin, etc.) provide specific benefits and act in different ways in the body.

It is available in two delicious flavours: Almond Crème and Peach Mango.

Low-glycemic formula
Avoid the frequent cravings and health risks associated with a high-glycemic diet. FIBERGY is low glycemic, providing sustained energy and greater satiety throughout the day.


: : AO Pro + Chelated Mineral : :

Member's Price: RM194

Non Member's Price: RM233
Tablets/Box: 168 tablets

USANA's foundation products are the ESSENTIALS™--the advanced nutritional products that everyone needs to take every day. They are designed to provide optimal nutritional support. The ESSENTIALS for adults are a combination of two products packaged as one:

• AO PRO, a comprehensive formula of vitamins, antioxidants, and other important nutrients that every adult needs every day for efficient cellular metabolism and to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals.
• CHELATED MINERAL, a full-spectrum blend of essential minerals and trace elements in a balanced, highly bioavailable formulation. When taken together with AO PRO, these supplements complete the nutritional foundation for every adult.

So, having said all the above, guideline for weight lose program can be viewed from HERE.

In order to get your ideal and desired body weight (and figure) by consuming NUTRIMEAL, you have to follow the steps and guides prepared by USANA and things are group into phases: Transform phase, Exercise, Low glicemic meal and snack, and Maintain Phase.

Ok, next is how to drink the shake. =) Easy peasy to prepare the shake and there is no lame excuse for you not to drink it, even if you are on the go. No additional ingredients needed so as the blender or juice mixer and whatnot. But of course you can add soy drink, low fat milk or yoghurt, fruits and etc at anytime you like. Let your creativity go wild on your shake!

3 scoop Nutrimeal in 300-350ml cold water/jus/low fat milk/soya. Or you can have it with 2 scoops in 250ml of water (about 1 mug).

Next, replace either:
• breakfast and lunch with shakes, dinner makan low-glicemic meal, or
• breakfast and dinner with shakes, lunch makan low glicemic meal (I prefer this one) Hihihi

2 scoops Fibergy in 210ml cold water/jus/low fat milk/soya. You can always drink it everytime you feel hungry or to have it as your snack. Or you can also add one scoop to your Nutrimeal shake. ;)

With that, Cik Kiah pun dah habis buat direct selling dekat Cik-Cik and Puan-Puan sekalian. Eyh, Tuan-Tuan kalau ada. ;) And should have any questions/enquiries, please, feel free to email it to or contact me at 019-6097695. I'll be more than happy to explain it to you guys. =)

*Angkat tangan, lipat lengan baju, tayang gelang emas besaq rantai kapal berat 6kilo* Biasalah, kata gaya Cik Kiah direct selling. Hihihhihi. *Nih, ayaq-ayaq minum takdak ka?* +P

P/S: I BET my husband will be surprise when reading this entry. Because well, all he knows is I'm never into any marketing plan let alone to sell thing like this.

But sometimes, people change. You know? Hihihihi


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