Saya telah menjadi pengguna dan dealer USANA


Bunyi macam bisneswoman tak title tu?

Don't worry, I am not under the influence of anyone. I decided to join USANA on my own and I bought the products mainly for my personal consumption (provided not being pau by the husband).

But still, I'm hoping that I can make good business from this. Yes, I'm wearing PB and I've lost 7 kilos already since June this year. It works good for me and I am definitely happy with my so called investment. Unfortunately, I am not a risk taker to spend that hefty amount of money for a start up capital and let alone getting myself stuck into personal loan for the said purpose. Read: We are saving for a property. Don't get me wrong, I am not dissing the business, it just that I am not in the capability to pay such amount, hence I decided to only have it for my personal usage. Titik. Noktah.

So back to this USANA stori-mori-morning-glory,

I decided to take meal replacement to substitute one of my main meal everyday. After all, I don't have a set time for breakfast, lunch and dinner and often skipped either one of those (most often is breakfast). I know, that is a total unhealthy diet plan and at the end of the day, I get myself full with Ayam Penyet. Agagagagggaaga. *I eat when I feel like eating, macam tu*

In my case, I need a replacement meal that is first, CHEAP, second, EASY TO PREPARE and third, DELICIOUS. Of course nutritious lah kan? And I remember Leed telling me all above during the Ogawa-Nuffnang Dinner and finally, after hours of reading on entries and testimonials and email after email with Leed, I am now an official USANA dealer and user.

*Apa kes tibe-tibe jadi semangat meniaga nih?*

I'll write and share more about USANA's products once I get to try the product and get to see/feel the difference. I'll be more than happy if I can hit number 69 by end of this month and leaving me with another 9 kilos to kill. Tinggi 170cm, berat 60kg sudah memadai. =P


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