Introducing Solid

Weeehooo baby!! You are going to get your first spoon of solid food this coming Friday~! Remember that you were born on Friday? So take it as your 5 months 3 weeks birthday present from Mama & Ayah, muahh muahh!

*Obviously, it's your Mama that excited about all this, hihi*

We have consulted his paedatricion before and she recommended us to start with plain or brown rice infant cereal first with . *Suggested brand: Nestle & Heinz*

Many poeple have been asking, why is it taking so long for us to introduce solid foods to Adam? My have two answers to that. First: The World Health Organization recommends introducing solid foods around 6 months as baby immune and digestive system is fully developed and ready to accepts foods. Second: Due to his eczema, we decided to delay his first solid to avoid the risk of triggering a food allergy.

But she told us not to push him to eat if he turns away from his food and to try it again in about 2 or 3 days time. And don't worry as it's normal for baby to change his mind for several of times. Another important thing to note is to introduce one type at a time in order to watch for any food allergy or adverse reaction.

So, the biggest question now is HOW MUCH TO START WITH?

Dr. Foo said that one to three spoons is generally enough to start with and see how it goes. I can surely give few more spoons if Adam is requesting for more. ;) Just a little reminded from her that I have to be extra patience as it is going to be really messy especially when the cereal ends up on the table or floor!

On a lighter note, I've just received a goodie bag from Nestle consist of samples of infant cereal, baby bib, infant feeding spoon, nursery rhymes CD and info book on baby first feeding. Great thing, perfect time! Owh, I got it after completing Nestle online survey that I did sometime in August. =)


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