Singapore fridge magnets for my lucky readers!

I have 5 sets of fridge magnet and keychain to be given away to my lucky readers. :)

Saya sayang kamu. Kerana kamu semua yang baik hati baca blog saya, tanpa jemu *eyh, mungkin ada jugak yang bluekk*, saya dan suami dapat lah berhanimun free lagi kan? :P

Many thanks for that and accept this little token of love from me. :) But to only 5 lucky readers. Ehehehe.

All you need to do is leave your email in the comment box and your name will be entered into my lucky draw list. :) Tidak perlu buat slogan bagai, tidak perlu entry special semua. Just your name and email.

Terima kasih sayang-sayang semua. Owh, tarikh luput lucky draw: 11.59PM 31st October 2009. CLOSE SUDAH :)


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