Uniquely Singapore 2009 {Part 1}

I got a whole lot of things to write and to share about this Singapore trip but I seriously don't know where to start. Or maybe I'll just go in point form to make things short and simple. This is like an action packed activities to visit Singapore's tourist hot spots in a day.

24th October 2009

Time: 9.00am - 10.00am
Location: Singapore Flyer

This giant observation wheel is billed to be the largest in the world, bigger than the London Eye, standing at 165m from the ground. It is definitely not a thrill ride if you are looking for one but it provides you with spectacular and breathtaking views of Singapore. And I was surprised to see the ship-filled-sea as far as the eye could see eventhough it was a bit hazy that time.

The whole ride takes about 30 minutes, which gives us more than enough time to rove around the capsule and to enjoy the surrounding view. One side of city bay with shopping and financial district while the other side of revamped F1 circuits and constructions of integrated resorts and casinos and freighters and tankers.

Owh, to those who are prone to motion sickness or afraid of heights, worry not as this giant wheel is moving at a very slow rate. Like really-really-slow so it could complete one round of ride in 30-minutes.

There was an announcement made the moment we reached the highest part of the ride. According to the locals, you should make a wish when you reached the highest point and highly likely that your wish will come true. Reason being: it's near to heaven's door. *Heh??*

But I don't think that I'll be going again unless it is a fully paid trip like this. Hihi. The price is far too expensive and I'm not sure if it really worth a ticket. Yes, you get to enjoy the surrounding spectacular view and camwhore like there's no tomorrow but that's about it. I mean, are you ready to pay nearly to SGD30 for a 30-minutes ride? Saya tidak. =P

And I'm glad that this awesome ride was free!


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