USANA: myself, before and after...

I finally had a chance to sort all the photos yesterday; my transformation in pictures. I started from biggest scale to bigger to now, big. Hahahaha. Now I need to move the scale from big to slim pulak.

Fashion was out of story when I was in the biggest - bigger phase. I was not even in the mood to dress well and etc. Sememeh aje.

Well, maybe I haven't reached that dream point yet but at least, I can now wear those baju-pesen-pesen all over again. Owh, did I mention that Levis jeans 31 fit my booty now? Ingatkan sampai sudah pun tak akan muat dah. The one that I wore in Singapore. So, 2 more to go to number 29. *Caiyok caiyok!!*

Anyway, here my short note on my progress:

16 April 2009: 95kg *I was heavier than my husband!*
End of June: About 85kg
End of July: About 81kg *I started with PB and I was on the largest size that time*
End of August: 75kg *Yes, PB can do wonders but it getting looser as I'm losing the inches. Nak beli size baru tak ada duit. =P *
Early September: Started with USANA!
Today: 69kg!

Well, at least I found a cheaper way to slim down my body.

I am completely wow-ed with myself. Hihihi. Losing those 26kg over urmm, say 6 months, is definitely a biggest challenge to me.

With the constant worry and fear if I don't look good and hot enough to him, just like before, I decided to work really hard to kill those evil fats. *Yeah, simply pathetic* But who doesn't? I mean, what if your husband said, "gile tak tahan, hot gile awek nih, uhhhhh" and you are just one sad wife with fat thighs, flabby arms and tummy? Contohnya lah kan tuh.

Needless to say, I was quite disturbed.


The only thing that keep me moving and in fact getting nearer to my weight-loss-nirvana is my mission: "I just want look hella HOT to my husband". Even though he told me that I'm the most beatiful, gorgeous and bla-bla-bla, that is still not satisfying. I want him to feel, OWH-SHE-IS-SO-DAMN-HOT 101°celsius-AND-NO-ONE-WILL-EVER-BE-LIKE-HER. Ha macam tuh lah. So dia tak akan cakap mana-mana perempuan pun atas muka bumi ni hotter than me? Ahahahaha. Okels, Kim Kardashian is an exception.

But again, beauty is very subjective right? After all, everyone has a reason on why you want to look good feel hot right? And so am I =)

Note: Pictures are in sequential order, starting from the day I gave birth to Adam to latest pose struck in Singapore, hihihi.

: : 17 April 2009 : :

: : Adam - 3 weeks : :

: : Adam - 1 month : :

: : Adam - 61 days : :

: : June : :

: : July : :

: : July : :

: : July : :

: : July : :

: : End July : :

: : End July : :

: : End July : :

: : August : :

: : Last two weeks : :

: : Last few weeks also : :

: : Latest : :

: : In Singapore : :

: : Tada!! : :


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