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Sorry readers, I’ve been extremely busy lately and I just don’t have much to write and to share in here *aha, lame answer! I know* So sad that I’ve been running my life busy for God knows what and yet, so much is still unfinished and unaccomplished. Please accept my humble apologies for being lagged in writing posts for these couple of weeks. I will try to feed my baby blog with more stories and happenings, rather than to cramp everything into one post and leaving the blog silence once again.

Adam darling, I’m guilty for not writing very much on your milestones for so many months now. Rasa dah lost track, sedih... :'(

And many been asking, “Adam dah pandai apa?” Frankly speaking, definition pandai for a baby is very very subjective. When the baby is screaming his lung out whether demanding or protesting on thing, pun dikira pandai kan? Not just pandai in term of movement (rolling, sitting, standing, walking, waving & etc.). The way they express their emotions is also count as pandai, because that shows they know what they like and dislike. Get me?

Don’t make that eyh-baru-menerap face when I said, yeah he just started to roll over about month ago. Don’t you ever dare to say, “lambat yer??”. Rule no.1: DON’T USE NEGATIVE WORD TO BABY. Or here, to MY BABY. Lambat itu negative. Reti kamu?

But at least, he got his two lower front incisors out at the age of 5 months.

And he knows to point *sort of angkat tangan* or to look at the door everytime he wants to go for his morning/evening walk. No kidding. I strongly believed that he knows what and which is the door that leads to the outside world where he can see “Bird. Dog. Cat. Car. Tree” and such. So, I count that as pandai.

Eyh, apsal emo nih. Shuhhh, negative vibe nih.

Career wise, I have moved to a new job earlier this month. No, not a new place, it’s a new post but still in the same unit and division. So, tidak lah ke mana-mana pun. And surprisingly, my boss said this to me, “Shila, I can see that you are very reserve among others”

First, Hahahahahhahhahahaha.

Second, yeah you're right. I am not what I am when at work. Possibly because I am not open enough to let people come into my territory. It’s like, “kau ada blog pasal your entire life, *lebih kurang lah* but how come you are so reserve in the office?". That kind of remark lah.

My only solid reason that I have here is I don’t have enough trust. Bukan tak trust kerja, tapi tak trust that people will just be good to you. *keji gile pemikiran* Because I saw many cases when people backstab each other to fulfill their own personal motive, so I rather not to get myself involve in such circle. Macam, suka hati kau lah labu nak buat apa pun. Well, a little bit of my fault jugak because I keep holding the thought and thinking everyone is the same. Tapi tu lah, the reality here is “not everyone here is your friend. So be careful”.

Ok, lah nanti saya cuba buang pemikiran cacat itu and try to be more kepochi in the office just like what I am in the outside world. Tapi betul, bila masuk office I immediately transform myself into “saya nak buat kerja saya, saya tak kisah kamu nak buat apa itu kamu punya suka” type. And I choose to just sit in front of my pc ignoring all the gossips Cik Bedah that going around in the office, about si polan dengan si polan and whatnot.

How now brown cow for me to be busy body and to take note of what people been up to? I don’t have problems with anyone here and I don’t hold grudges, it just that I’m a bit of pendiam compared to the rest.

Bahahaha, muntah darah kalau kawan-kawan baca nih. “Shila kau pendiam?” Sile ulang lagi sekali?? Dan sile boleh blah sekarang. I think I need to envision myself becoming one of the GM in TM in few years down the lane. Tapi saya nak jadi CEO ShilasCupcakes, bukan GM di Telekom Malaysia. Hukhukhukhuk…!! Even worst if I said, “I want to be the CEO of the house, running errands and doing household chores, everything at the expense of my husband” *Terus kena tamper dengan AGMs japgi*

Dah. Enough of all the negative vibes that been running and lingering around my life lately.

Now I need to think of what to cook for dinner today. Yes, you read me right. COOK is the word. Saya telah masak dinner untuk husband saya everyday over past two weeks. And I’m glad that he requested non-nasik-lauk-kari dishes but more to healthy diet meals. So now, mihun ladna, mihun hailam, macaroni goring, mihun sup all at my fingertips. Wa dah tere wooo!

Aha! Grilled chicken wrap is the menu for tonight. Hahaha. Jangan gelak, tau lah resepi tak mencabar senduk periuk belanga kan. But it’s healthy and at least it makes my diet-conscious husband happy for his dinner. I wanted to make chicken tortilla but somehow the chunky salsa sauce that I saw in Cold Storage agak meragukan. So I better not and just proceed with my own recipe of grilled chicken wrap. Hopefully jadi lah. =P


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