I'm so sorry for the long silence people *2-3 hari tanpa entry adalah long pada saya* A lots of things are happening at the moment (mixture of good and bad) and that's what has been keeping me busy over the past few days till now. In fact I've been holding few entries in the queue but yet to publish it because I haven't had enough time to edit the respective photos. Harap maaf yer ;)

Adam is out with his grandparents to Wangsa Maju, so now I have a quick 15 minutes to write whatever that comes into my mind, before my hubby wakes up and asking for sayang-abang-nak-milo-dengan-roti-please Hihihihi...

First, I'm happy to know that my all time favourite drink, Ice Toffee Nut Latte is back in cafe now. Wooott wooott!! This is the time of the year when my visit to Starbucks will double in amount, first to get my daily dose of the super sedap holiday drink that really hit the spot and second, to collect 11 stamps and get the 2010 planner, hikhikhik *But the whip and the toffee sprinkle will definitely screw up my diet pulak! Sheeshh...* Please, I need an extra brain power to make a wise decision on this.

Ok done with that.

What else? Owh sudah 10 minutes and I have to make it fast.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that I am heavenly happy for the whole wonderful evening spent with my husband and my baby last night (at Pavilion KL). We had a great dinner, good talk, lepak session with Adam future parents in law *hohohoho* and even did some shopping for Adam Haris. Just few important things for him; bottle brush, teat, travel feeding set, Barneys CDs and infant cereal.

At the end of the day, I realized that we just need to make a commitment to spend more time with family, for a package of great things that leads to a happier life. :)


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