Sunday. Ahad

My husband and I went for a weekend date at The Curve after the little one being kidnapped to my cousin's place yesterday, hihihihi...Initially, I wanted to watch a movie but ended up chilling in Starbucks and enjoying the fresh brew of coffee. But the worst thing now: it's only been two days since I found my favourite Iced Toffee Nut Latte is back and I already had my fourth venti cup to date. But what can I do? I love it so much and I have to wait until every end of the year to get for one. So, hentam jer lah labuu...

Speaking of Starbucks, it reminds me to one of my hobbies *kalau boleh dikira hobby* which is people-watching. I love coming to this kedai kopi, sitting and watching people while enjoying my venti sized latte, and yesterday was no exception. I can easily amaze and fascinate by the mixture of human emotions; there will be people smiling, laughing, fighting, crying, rushing, stressing or struggling for whatever reason it may be. Betul tak?

And at the end of the day, my conclusion will always be, "life is hard enough, so why make it harder?" and for that, I should be more thankful to Allah for all the blessings I have in life.You should try once. Just get yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, get comfortable and relax. Seriously, this is a kind of entertainment that is fun but doesn't cost any money *except for the drink, hihihi*.

But for my yesterday case, the people-watching-session only lasted for 30 minutes before seeing the Debenhams 30% markdown banner in celebrating the 1st anniversary. So, the husband stayed and lepak-ed with his former schoolmates while his wife went for deal hunting at Debenhams. =P *Sexy luxurious satin nightgown for only RM52 hokeyyy* Muahahahaha..!!


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