Gaestrointestinal Infection

Sorry for being silence for the past few days.

I've been buried under my mounting works and things-to-do and to make thing worst, my baby has had diarrhea for three days now. We went to see his paed yesterday and she suggested to admit him to the ward for the infusion of fluids. But again, she told us that Adam is not in a very serious condition and as thing has just started last Monday, we still have an option to monitor him at home. Only if thing gets worst, with no sign of improvement, then he may need to be given fluids intravenously.

Saya doa itu tidak terjadi. Because it was so heart breaking to see him crying in the pain, as the doctor trying to find a vein for injecting the IV fluids. But alhamdulillah, this is not Rotavirus or any severe illness, just a normal gaestrointestinal infection due to travelling, teething and new bacterias in places where my baby is not used to. *Zon jajahan Adam hanya dua, rumah 2245 and rumah 6070* +P

But I personally think that the infection passed on due to improper hygiene. I mean all those touching and suckling toys that have germs on it or it maybe us the parents; not washing our hands properly prior to holding him or preparing his meals/milk. *But what if bila orang nak dukung Adam? Takkan I nak jadi super fussy to ask the person to wash their hands dulu pulak?* Adoyai, kena redha jer lah yang itu.

As what had happened previously, the diarrhea will go away on its own. What most important now is to keep him hydrated all the time by giving him a lot of fluids everyday *but we have to spoon feed him because he tends to reject the bottle now* .

Between, there are few other things that his paed asked us to monitor:
1. Stools containing blood
2. No/very minimal urine more than 4 hours
3. Crying with dry eyes *tapi ni tak valid kat Adam, sebab he is drama king, menangis pujuk rayu tipu-tipu je selalu. tskkk*
4. Sunken abdomen
5. Fatigue, not alert to his environment and not as active as usual.
6. High fever
7. Dry skin *he has eczema, so it's a bit hard to monitor him base on this*

Hopefully thing will get better today. But I am not that worried because he still active as always - rolling over, making sounds, gurgling and eating as usual *tho not to its max*

One more, his two upper lateral incisors are popping out making a total of 6 teeths at 7.5 months! Mungkin I consume terlebih calcium masa pregnant dulu. Hohohoho.

*Tok Cik Jah kata, Adam tak tahan daulat Negeri Kedah. Kena pi mengadap Sultan Abdul Halim dulu so nanti balik Kedah tak sakit dah. Hehehehe*

Penutup entry dengan gambar Aidiladha. Sungguh takdak kena mengena dengan entry yang ditulis. Hehehehe. I have nothing extraordinary to share about my raya except tons of pictures to share with you readers. :)

Note: I hate to upload my photos using blogger because of its poor quality, tapi Photobucket mengong sikit today, so redha je lah dengan gambar pixel tak cantik ini.


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