Who is the bloody hell...

...that go and spread the story about "shila-nak-transfer-job-yer?"

Everything in this whole wide world has a limit, and that includes my patience. But now my patience has been pushed to the limit by this God knows who. For the past few days, people have been asking me about this job-transfer-issue and my question here, "why is this issue is still here?"

I tell you what, this issue is marked CLOSED *since September* but you are making it as if the matter is still up in the air. What's your problem?


All this fishy thing that has been going around in the office has reminded me not trust anyone here. Oklah, not everyone is the same because I have to be EXTRA EXTRA careful for this potential rubbish, GET IT?

I am not looking for a new post nor a new job now. I'm already in a new job scope pun but within the same unit. Tak kisah lah kan. So, what is your hidden agenda anyway?

Sekarang penat sudah aku nak menjawab soalan orang-orang, "Shila nak mintak transfer yer?" Dalam lif, dalam ofis, dalam toilet, daaaa apakah??


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