"Jungle Friends" for Adam Haris

Finally bought my new painting stuff after contemplating so much whether to buy or to find the old ones in one of the 10 boxes inside the store. And I paid good money for the brushes. *Dem, fikir-fikir, baik beli brushes muka* Hukhukhukhuk...

Anyway, I'm glad that I can still draw and color because it's been years since my last work on canvas. I am not an artist and I just use the straight forward way of painting by taking the paint right out of the tube and do it the way I feel. *Sketch dulu cop because I'm not good at keeping the idea fresh*

Don't ask me on the techniques or tools or subject to highlight or strokes or anything. I don't have a proper knowledge on that and most of the time, I will go to eHow for the "how-to?" articles and video learning. :)

The only thing I know if people ask me, "what type of paint do you use?" and my answer will always be acrylic. I've tried oil paint once and it failed miserably, so that was it. For so many reasons, I seriously hate working with oil paint as it bundles up for all the annoyances on earth. They don't clean with water, they need those messy medium for thining and color flowing and whatnot, long drying time and for most, they require a lot more tools than basic water color based.

So here my first acrylic painting in 3 years, but err, it's still in progress. I'm a bit slow because well, this is my re-learning process. =P

What do you see?

Do you feel the jungle friends theme, or it's a monster or alien or unidentifiable object that comes into your view? Hihihihi.

*Shishh, now I can't stop painting until this thing is done!*


Adam Haris,

I don't know anything about quilting or any other craft works so that I can make the "mommy-to-son" thing for you to treasure. But at the very basic, I know how to paint. So, I did this for you with your name painted on it and hopefully, we can hang it in your own room, someday. :)


And if anyone ever ask me, "why bother to go through the hassle for a piece of painting when you can buy one, say, in Ikea", my answer is,

...you can't get the one with love because I paint with love. :) And you can't get the one with Adam Haris name painted on it. ;)


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