Chucky Bin Kown, the cause for all my busy-ness in the world!

I've gone missing again.

Yes, I know. And not another lame excuse because this is just among the hundreds of times for not updating my blog on daily basis. Or maybe I should add to my 2010 resolutions list that I need write more often than the current rate, which obviously is very poor.

Well, not much has happened recently other than our bunch of rezeki tahun baru. No makan-makan agendas and no jalan-jalan stories since the last one we had in Penang. Sad eyh? Owh, temporarily I'm a single parent to Adam Haris due to my husband's outstation-sana-outstation-sini schedules. It's day 11th of year 2010 now, but we only have no more than 3 goodnight kisses from the husband and the daddy.

But good thing for Adam as he can sleep on his Ayah's place and enjoy a mushi-mushi goodnight sleep with Mama than to sleep in his crib alone. You are the King now baby! And you have until end of the month to enjoy the bed. :)

Promise, that I will update more when I really have time to do so. For time being, I am fully occupied with my Chucky and now he's trying hard to get his hands on my laptop! *Kerja anak jantan, the control tab sekarang sudah tercabut. Berlubang dah laptop Mama ni haaa...Huhuhuhu*


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