I hereby present the latest shot of my 9 months young baby son in his rambut cacak style. But I think his hair style looks more like a professor who failed an experiment horribly! Tehehehe...

17th APRIL 2009

What is the meaning of your baby's name?

Adam: Prophet Adam

Haris: Guardian

What is one of the most memorable moment about your baby since she/he was born until now?

Every second since 17th April 2009 has been amazing all around but our first bonding session tops the list! Nothing beats the feeling of mommy-son first skin to skin moment and in fact, I'm still in awe over it. =P

He was like, "Don't worry Mama, you don't have to teach me the skill, I know how to do it on my own" Subhanallah, this little man over here knows exactly where to head for milk and what to do with his milkbar, and with his delicate little fingers on you know what, owh he completes my life perfectly.

Then he paused his monster works for few seconds, calmly looking around before start staring at his daddy as if to say, "Sorry dad, these two are mine now" *Evil grin* and continue to suckle before letting it go few minutes later.

So, not only that he made me spent my birthday in a labor room *well, not many of you get to experience this kan? hihihi* but he gave me the most wonderful moment ever in my life too! Again, nothing beats it. *and at least I know that my assets can work! hihihi*

Short positive testimonial about MomBloggersPlanet:

Well, there are hundreds of good things about
MomBloggersPlanet but the highest point in my list is,

MomBloggersPlanet is an online community for mommies of all kinds and for that, it has become my one stop centre for many of things and that includes my daily Mamaland issues. People here are sharing their true stories and experiences and that have benefit others in so many ways.

Now, I don't have to worry for having very few friends who have became mommy, because thankfully, I am connected to many supportive mommies and daddies on
MomBloggersPlanet! So, this is my virtual support and owh, thank you for the technology too. *And I'm glad to be born as IT literate, hihi*

And another thing for sure,
MBP has increased my socializing skill to another level as I start making friends with its members. :) I never thought that I could make a new set of friends but surprisingly, I did! Even my husband said, "Owh, dah ada geng mak-mak sekarang nih"

Yes I am. And I'm happy for it =)


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