Smile for the camera :)

These are part of the shots taken for Cutest Baby of The Planet and I can only submit ONE photo of him for the said contest. I hope I made a good choice for it. Nanti boleh menang lagi! Tehehehhee.

He knows how to pose in front of camera very well, provided it's DLSR. Kalau compact camera, hurmmm, jangan harap nak pandang. =P Most of the time, camera Tok Wan dia layan lah, camera Mama that will soon kaput nih, dia tutup mata saja..Hukhukhuk...

One of my friend asked me,

"Ko ni kena renjatan elektrik ke masa pregnant?"

Then I asked her "Why??"

She replied,

"Tu macam ada extra voltage kat rambut anak hang. Cacak tak kira masa"

Bahahahha. Okeh tatawu kenapa. Even if I put baby oil on his hair, it will only stay flat for no longer than 5 minutes. Then wallah!! Cacak balik! And now we have a problem on how to trim his hair. Tskk...

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