Party project kickstart - Chapter 2

After all the browsing and first phase planning, I've finally started Adam's 1st party project! I'm not sure if this may sound too early, but few important bookings need to be done upfront in order for us to get the slot. And because of the DIY party kit, hence a lot of cut-paste works will take place, an early preparation is deemed necessary.

Between, we don't have the luxury of time and Ringgit Malaysia that we can just expect everything to fall in place when April comes. Everything needs to be planned and budgeted to make sure this party project rolls smoothly. *I wish that I'm filthy rich that I can just engage a party planner to prepare an extravagant birthday bash for my kid lah kan, hihihihi* Sadly that I'm not, so I have to plan the numbers carefully. =P

Anyway, did I tell you that I got the customised printable party kit from Parties by Hardie? I'm all thankful to the internet that I finally stumbled upon her blog two months ago. Thing couldn't have happened without technology because well, she is located in Utah, a western state of United States. Owh thanks to PayPal too. :)

I bought the illustrations from iStockphoto, emailed it to her and walla! an adorable party kit ready two weeks later. Of course number of emails back and forth had taken place during that time. So, go visit her blog because she has a beautiful collection of printable party kits to feast your eyes.

Between, I just bought a pinata from Party World because it so happened that the pinata matches the party theme perfectly. It's a pull string pinata and I think it's much safer and easier for the kids than to break open with a buster bat.

So, I think that's all for now.

Hurm, I sound too excited huh? and my little man here is no where to understand what his Mama is doing right now. Well, apart of many important things running in my head now, his party project is definitely on top of the list, because I really want it to be extra special. Because he makes everything all worthwhile.

Party project shall continue in the next chapter.... ;)


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