What a laki-less night..

Day two without Mat Kown... *Sobsobsob...*

I am married to a workaholic for almost 2 years now. To him, everyday is a working day so as everyday is a holiday. And to me, he is a man who was born with a natural leadership skill and a great business mind, which makes him an entreprenuer inside out. I have never seen anyone with full determination except him.

I was once asked him, "Why should you bother to go all the hard way for this micro controller thing? Why don't you do something simple and easy so that you don't have to crack your head" And he replied, "Sometime, we have to do thing with prestige in order to make people look upon us" Well, so true. That's why he doesn't mind working for long hours, meeting bunch of strangers from executives to CEO's, directors and vice presidents than to be an employed staff like me. Hehehehe.

There is no off limit place for works because yes, he can still reply an email even in the bathroom with the help of handphone. He travels back and forth accross the country and he always has an extensive list of things that he wants to do next. It's normal to find him asleep on top of papers or with laptop on his chest. It's fine for promises to be broken, "sorry tak jadi dinner, kena jumpa orang.." kind of thing.

But after countless of phone calls, meetings, adhoc jobs, even during holidays, I am all fine with it now. Despite of all the tak-best-nya things, he is still an incredible husband and father. He still call or text me like he did when we were dating and he provides everything best to his pride and joy Adam Haris.

I get ALL the household expenses from car installments, bills, allowances to Adam's medication and needs from him, so I am no where to complain. Whenever I feel bad and sad with the situation, I know this is what he makes for living. So hey, I should feel thankful for the money he makes. :)

*Can I have my Neverfull this April? I need a bigger bag to fit the stuff for three. No, it's for three plus one* =)


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