Planning for baby 1st birthday party - Chapter 1

Bahahhaha. I know it's only January but I can't help myself from getting excited and start planning for Adam's first birthday party. Or maybe because we made a good combo from Ayah the 13th, Mama the 16th to Adam the 17th April babies, so I am all hype up for the event! Considering I'm a full time working mother and a part time baker, with husband that is hardly around, so if I wait till last minute, I know this whole thing will never happen.

Anyway, it is just 3.5 months away to his first birthday and knowing the speed that time flies, I think it should be fine for us to start planning now. Read: PLANNING. Not BUYING the stuff yet. Well, most importantly because of the budget as we need to start saving for the said event as well as cutting those unneccessary spending now on.

I found this extremely cute jungle buddies theme on the internet and I started to add practically everything into the shopping cart just to see how much everything will cost. A total approximately USD250! That is absolutely absurd amount to spend for Adam's first birthday party when he doesn't even have an expectation whatsoever. *Apa itu kicik tahu?* I would rather spend that money for foods and toys and books for him. =P

I know Adam won't remember much, maybe not all, but I bet he will, someday, ask to see the pictures. After all, this is a lifetime event that is not to be missed, so I'll do it. And because I have the creative bits inside of me, maybe I will just go for do-it-yourself stuff and that will minimize the need to buy super expensive party supplies. Let the creativity go wild and hopefully that will add more touch and love to my son's 1st birthday party. *Ala, sebenarnya bajet cinonet, cakap je lah kan. Hihihi* I know they are few cartoon themes such as Barney's, Mickey, Pooh & etc available at an affordable range, but that is not personalised as it's just too common for everyone now. *Adamkan spesel, party kit kena lah spesel* =P

*Dah, dah, it's so obvious that I yang terlebih eksaited sorang-sorang*

The other thing that I'm searching and browsing right now is the place. *Feel free to share if you have any ideas* One good thing of not doing it at home is we don't have to worry about the house getting trashed because well, we are living with my parents. So, I just don't want to create more mess than it is *barang budak kecik tu saja dah sekerat rumah* =P

I need to draft the invitations as well and I might need to consider so many factors before doing one. Will it be families and close friends only? Or do we have to invite all the neighbours? Or what if only 10% of the invitees have kids? Obviously I only have few *like VERY few* friends that have baby(s), so kenalah ajak blogger mommies yer dak?? It will be good to have parents with baby(s) because well, Adam pun baby. I don't think he can walk by April and if I have too many kids around, very likely that they will conquer everything and set out the little ones pulak. *Kesianlah kan?*

For so many reasons, I want a full blown birthday party this coming April but in a controllable setting and within a fair budget. This is our first time to so many things; first time parents celebrating son's first birthday and in fact we are all April babies, in a row! Even my youngest brother birthday is on the 19th of April! *Kown cakap bagitau para suami, kalau nak belajar buat birthday sederet, sila hubungi dia. Hahahahahah* Ok, tipu. Jangan. Nanti jadi ahli perancang keluarga pulak laki I.

So, in conclusion: To organize Adam's first birthday party is my first new year resolution. I shall add more to my azam tahun baru list from time to time. *Bahahaha, kesian takde azam tahun baru*

A feast for the eyes. The customized DIY party stuff that I googled. Lupalah nak salin link-link itu.


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