For the first time, he fell off the bed!

Yes. You read it right. The unfortunate event happened this morning when his parents were still sleeping. He was supposed to sleep! But no, he didn't as he woke up early and slowly crawling over pillows and comforter and dang! bumped his head at the corner of the cot and landed himself on the carpet.

Menangis lah lepas tu! But the pitch didn't get higher as I expected *dokter kata kalau menangis tu bagus sebab dia sakit, kalau diam tu tak berapa bagus* and he remained silent for 15 minutes! We kept calm and fed him 6oz milk. He dozed off soon after he finished his milk but sleeping at 7am is definitely a RARE thing to him. So this was when we worried most and decided to see the doctor. So off we went to Pantai Medical Centre. *medical expert said that we have to keep the baby awake until he gets to see the doctor tau and it's dangerous to let the baby sleep after hitting his head*

Hokhokhokhok! Kecoh kan? Anak jatuh katil pun nak jumpa paedatrician! Tak kisahlah. After all, it's much better to be safe than sorry.

Alhamdulillah, the doctor said that Adam was fine and infact, he's in a very healthy and active condition. No sign of concussion and and no physical injuries found anywhere on his body. Dr.Foo said, in any cases when a baby is injured, they will not use/move their hands and legs and will not turn their head, or both.

Behaviour is normal, gurgling, grinding teething, making sounds and crawling, alhamdulillah. Feeding is normal, susu balun, porridge pun balun, so doctor said that's fine. Nothing to worry much as he is showing his interest towards things around him and alerts towards every new things shown to him.

Anyway, here a little info that I found useful, taken from about head injury.

Early symptoms on concussion:
  • loss of consciousness
  • drowsiness
  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • vomitting
  • irritability
  • drainage, clear or bloody from mouth, nose and ears
  • unusually sleepy
  • loss coordination, vision or verbal communication

On a good note, to add more item to his Adam Haris 1001 list,

He recognized which animal is zebra! I thought he won't remember the zebra poster in Dr.Foo's clinic, but heh, I under estimated my son's capability. He remember the poster and he even pointed exactly to the zebra image! *Ok itu saje I nak kecoh, hihihi* Just another kagum-ness of a mother to his son. Normal lah kan? =P


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