Owh! It's amazing!

I'm not a first timer.

But again, I'm amazed by this tiny little baby wiggling and moving so much in my tummy! 12 weeks and actively squirming around. I can't stop smiling for all the little turns, as if I had never seen this before.

But the best part was when the doctor said,

"Tulang hidung very clear lah! Nice one" *and showing that tulang hidung part tho I can't even see which part is nose* Tapi saya percayalah pada pakar O&G, Dr.Idora ku.


Probably we made a nice hot bun with heavy mixture from Titi Gajah Kingdom. Kuikuikuikui. *Dah hari-hari pun nak makan nasi. Dapat kari lagilah terbaik!* Adam Haris acuan Kepala Batas, hidung sikit turun jugak. =P


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