MAS Travel Fair!

*Boogie-woogie dance*

We've bought the tickets!

For two adults and one infant at only RM886, which I think is fairly reasonable because the normal economy price tickets will be around RM1400. Even Airasia tickets tu pun lagi mahal. +P

Malaysia Airlines has never failed me and I trust the service for the rest of my life. :) *Iklan free dah nih*

But heh, we are not sure yet whether to bring this little man together or to have anniversary getaway + babymoon just the two of us. =P Anyway, I still paid for the infant ticket, kalau later nak forgo, tutup mata sajalah that RM90 tu. Hihihi.

Now I need to search for our 5 days 4 nights accommodation. Nak pergi baca story Yaya and Kak Siti sekarang buat cari ilham. :)

P/S: Blog reader ku Anisha Putri, nanti kamu check FB msg yer, saya perlu sedikit bantuan kamu tentang di sana. ;)


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