70 facts about Adam Haris

It's been months since my last update on Adam Haris Bin Mohd Fakhruddin. Earlier, I had a great plan of writing his monthly development and achievement, but along the way, I failed miserably at that. So, now I am writing again at his 10 months checkpoint.

Tskkk :'(

And last Wednesday marks his 10 months birthday. :) Throughout the time, Adam has achieved many milestones and to us, the excitement continues to grow everyday. You go baby! I don't have any particular baby milestones list that I stick as my rule of thumb. Adam is free to grow the way he likes, the way he comforts most.

Many been asking, "eyh, belom merangkak??" and few other "belum" questions.

But I simply answer this, "tak. he probably duduk terus. or jalan terus. skip jer merangkak tuh"

To me, baby grows differently and so does my baby.

Anyway, here is 70 true facts on his milestones and achievement in his 10 months of life. Listed not in any particular order.

1. First meal - Nestle Infant Cereal Rice
2. First fruit - banana
3. First time going to birthday party - birthday Sofia Maisarah
4. First time going to picnic - MomBloggersPlanet Get-2-Gather
5. First time ride on plane - on 31st July 2009 to Langkawi, flying with Malaysia Airlines.
6. First holidays - to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, at age of 45 days.
7. First trip to shopping mall - The Curve, Damansara
8. First time admitted into hospital - Pantai Medical Bangsar, 2nd October 2009, due to gaestroenteritis infection.
9. First shoes - Adam's Kids infant shoes, size 2
10. Fist book - Fisher Price "A Day at the Farm" soft book.
11. First formula - Enfalac A+
12. First smile - right immediately after he was born, in the labor room PMC on 17th April 2009.
13. First time to hairdresser - at age of 38 days, barber shop Desa Jaya =P
14. First poster - birth posters by MadeByLisha
15. First time winning a competition - consolation prize in Cutest Baby with Toys Contest by MomBloggersPlanet
16. First time swimming - at the age of 8 months during our holidays at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan (19th December 2009)
17. Akikah was done on 9th May 2009
18. First teeth - first tooth bud made its first appearance on Adam's 6 months birthday
19. You've grown from 3.5kg baby to 10.5 kg baby now
20. At 10 months young, your height is 76cm
21. At 10 months young, you have a total of 6 teeth (2 upper central & 2 upper lateral incisors and 2 lower central incisors)
22. You love foods so much and you are not a picky eater.
23. You master few simples words. Abah, Amma (tskk, Mama jadi Amma pulak), Nyum Nyum (means nak makan), Papash (Kipas), Nenenen (Susu. Nobody ever taught you Nenen is Susu and I wonder where did you pick up this word from)
24. He knows perfectly and can point correctly to many things like cat, bird, dog, fan, light, water, button, flower, car, hujan, pokok, ABC wall poster, fish, laptop, handphone, mirror, milk and few more. =) Quite extensive eyh?
25. He recognizes his name since his first week of life and now, when we ask, "Mana Adam Haris?" or "Siapa Adam Haris?", he will respond by raising his hands. Clever you!
26. You love to gurgle a lot!
27. You like to grind your teeth so much! Not good baby.
28. In size L diaper now
29. Your eczema is getting better. Significantly. Alhamdulillah. :)
30. You love pulling things of the shelves now. *Habes terbalik pasu bunga semua*
31. You are one happy baby and you smiles a lot. =)
32. You never cried on top of your lung. Alhamdulillah, lega kami semua.
33. Now wearing 18-24 months baby clothes.
34. You know how to reply on "Adam, give me five!"
35. Bath time is your favourite thing of the day
36. You drinks an average of 5oz of milk, 6 times a day
37. You sleep through the night, normally from 8.30pm to 6.30am. That's a perfect 10 hours. Good!
38. You rolls from back to back, side to side
39. You can sit with assistance
40. You are a left handed baby. Everything starts on the left side or with your left hand.
41. You will stay quiet when listening to Azan. :)
42. You will stop doing thing when we say, "No" or "Don't". I know it's hard for you to take and I will try to minimize the words unless I have nothing better to substitute the N word.
43. You show a big interest in mirror image.
44. You recognize familiar faces and voices.
45. You can find partially hidden objects especially those underneath pillow and blanket. (i.e surah yasin, aircond remote control, handphone)
46. You struggles a lot to get objects that are out of reach especially on laptop, handphone, remote controls and any items with buttons.
47. You LOVE to drop/throw your toys over and over again and expect to retrive them immediately. I know that you do it purposely. Maybe you want to explore the sound and effect of dropping and throwing things.
48. You just started to object loudly when I take your toy away *marah betul*
49. You play Peekaboo! In fact, you are the one the peekaboo us. Comel lah kamu. ;)
50. You open and shut you fingers when we sing the "Cak Cekur Udang Gamit" song.
51. Recently found that you love to lick the floor, wall and newspaper. Aiyoh!
52. You love to explore the cause and effect thing especially on "turning of wheels". You do it to all your cars and trucks.
53. You have a regular sleeping, eating, playing and bathing system. Good boy. =)
54. You are able to climb on toys and over pillows. *I need to be XTRA careful on this*
55. You will clap your hands when we sing "If you happy and you know you clap hand!". Tho at times macam penguin tepuk tangan. Kuikuikuikui
56. You are becoming more agile and mobile. *Letih Mama mengejar kamu anak*
57. You love your morning and evening walk in the garden
58. You are intrigued by tiny little things on the floor/carpet and most of the time, you like to taste-test too.
59. You have carrot, broccoli, potato, cauliflower, kurau, cod, salmon, chicken breast, banana, apple and pear in your menu. I know, this is pretty limited kan? But I have to do so because of the eczema.
60. You love to touch things with textures. Bumpy surface, rattan furniture, carpet and etc.
61. You are not scared of dark but heh, you are afraid of being left alone.
62. You have start developing awareness on height such as distance from the bed to floor and floor levelling.
63. You can self feed finger foods like teething biscuits.
64. You have 2-3 nap times a day with 1-2 hours every nap time.
65. You are able to turn pages in your book.
66. You are more likely to respond with gestures and sounds than cries.
67. You LOVE bare feet. Shoeless. Most of the time you will pull off your socks.
68. You hate to be covered with blanket when sleeping and you sleep well with open toes. Adoyai!
69. You LOVE to scrub your legs so much. Probably your eczema is causing you itchiness.
70. Your hair from cukur jambul ceremony weighted approximately 6 grams and equally to RM750 in value.


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