Good times, great friends :)

Sudah capek seharian di jalanan. Mau minta istirehat. *Tibe-tibe jer cakap international pulak*

But seriously penat. Bangun seawal 6 pagi *itu consider awal tahap infiniti sebab hari ni hari Ahad*, memulakan aktiviti dengan gathering MomBloggersPlanet dekat Shah Alam, then to my SIL house dekat Puncak Jalil, then to Pelita Nasi Kandar KLCC and finally to Hospital Selayang. Fuhh! What a day!

Will blog more about the gathering later. Later as in when I can recall everything about the event because well, I don't have much of good pictures to recap about the activities.

But I remember the great taste of nasi lemak daun pisang! Sambal sedap sangat!

Okies darlings, tata!


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