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Dear Readers,

Sorry for leaving this blog in the silent mode for a while. Life has been pretty busy, no, hectic is the right word here, since last weekend. Adam was down with fever and now recovering from diarrhea pulak (eventhough he has completed his Rotavirus vaccination). But the condition is not severe and alhamdulillah no vomitting happened (diapers count on average of 5 everyday). We are now in Pantai Medical Centre because my autobot kecik is admitted due to his 6-days-runny-stools event (nothing critical, we just want to prevent thing from getting worst). Taknak lah dah dehydrate teruk baru nak drip waterkan? Will blog more about it later.

Many sorries for the last minute cancellation on cupcakes orders and invitation to raya open house, birthday party and baby shower. To my USANA customers, please let me know if you haven't receive your order but as what the customer service told me, you should get your items in max 4 working days after placing the order. And to everyone who has emailed me asking for USANA, I will reply to your email soon I get my laptop with me. For now, I'm doing all the emailing, blogging and browsing via iPhone which the battery will kaput in few minutes time.

Till then, take care. Please pray for my autobot kecik speedy recovery. ;)



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