Facial care

I'm not one of those women out there who takes care of their face properly. My daily skincare regime will normally be the 3 basic steps; cleanser, toner and moisturiser with spf. Every once in a while, I will apply eye cream, put on serum and night cream. And I rarely use scrub and mask because I'm just plain lazy. However, I'll make sure that I remove my makeup with cleasing lotion properly. Itu adalah pasti.

Still, I'm not sure if I really taking a good care of my skin because I just don't want to over do it. Speaking of which, I've been using the same Clinique products for more than 6 years now. Because my rule number one said, changing skincare products too often or using number of brands together can actually damage my skin.

But after 6 great years with Clinique, I decided to change my facial range to Dior Snow. *Nak ler rasa muka glowing-glowing, ehehhe*. Not that Clinique is bad whatsoever, it just me that being too comfort and familiar with its products that I decided to just stick with the brand.

It's my day 4 with Dior Snow and I'm happy with it as everything looks fine to me. Most importantly, no breakouts and it's non-oily too. However, I just bought its cleanser and toner, so the result might not be as "wowwieee!!" as using the complete range. But I did "pau" the whole lot of moisturiser, day serum, night serum and eye cream that I believed should last for two weeks. *So sempatlah sampai gaji and beli bahan-bahan lain pulak* =P Husband can go botak if I insist to buy everything one shot, because heh, we have other important things in line and that includes birthday Adam Haris. :)

Anyone using the same range? Ok kah? Rasa glowing-glowing macam princess tak? Muahahaha. =P


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