Party project in progress - Chapter 3

Adam Haris will turn one year old soon. The clock is ticking yet so much still need to be done. To make thing worst, my office workload is piling up and going home at 8-ish pm everyday is a normal thing now. *Booohooo, luxury of memecut pulang at 5.30 is now gone* No, I'm not complaining because I know that I'm building a good work porfolio now. When will this SRM thing go liveeee?? Eyh, why am I talking about work when the topic is Adam's birthday preparation? Selalu lari topic nih. =P


Trying so hard to be a good mommy, who keeps her promises which one of it is to organize a memorable birthday party of her son, here are part of things that I've done so far.


Photographer; LittleBigShots is confirmed and booked.


Bought few stuff that to be used for the party; pinata, candles and err that's all. =P And my painting is still long way to go. +P


I wanted to have that super-cute fondant based cake, but come to think of it, the whole deco will just be a waste. Obviously, one year old kids don't eat fondant, neither do us the adults. Right? *And it's expensive of course!* So now, I decided to have the whole cake covered with buttercream and the deco made from fondant.


Venue will be our home sweet home. Tho I wanted to hold his birthday party at a restaurant, so there will be no post-party cleaning works, I don't think it will be convenience for the parents with babies, kan? So, rumah 2245 will be it. :)


My night time is now filled with paper cutting activities. I ordered Adam's party kit and supplies from Parties by Hardie and of course the whole pack came in softcopy. So, I need to print and cut everything into shape, on my own. I'm done with the printing, so now I'm busy working with scissors and papers. :) I have yet to decide on how to deco the place but I'll probably grab the ideas from PartiesbyHardie website. All the party ideas and decos from her customers are pretty and wonderful!

*I have more sets to cuttt. Tskkk. Sempat ker nih?*

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