Mari tinggalkan link di sini :)

Due to overwhelming requests for this "please-link-me" thing, this will be a sticky entry until Sunday 12.00pm.

Please, feel free and happy to leave your link here and I will add it to my Bloggerina list later. It's so much easier for me to refer to this entry than to check over tons of comments and emails. Hehehehehe. *Tawu-tawu, saya ada banyak pending request yang patut dah add, tapi tak jugak add-add* +P

And owh, because of the not-so-user-friendly Js-Kit commenting tool, I am very much appreciate if you can leave your info as below format:

Shila/Mama Adam/ShilaShower *whatever your hot-hot-hit nickname is*

Hehehehe, mudah sikit kerja saya nak kopipes nanti. =P

To my darling readers who have linked me on your blog, terima kasih daun keladi, saya amat berbesar hati. :)


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