My husband is a sweetie...

*Yes you can puke*

Terima kasih Allah, that I landed such a sweetie in my life. He is not a romantic man *I guarantee that* but every once in a while, he will do something really sweet that makes me owh-owh-owh!! and yes, it's always great when its unexpected.

So, yesterday was Hari Wanita and our monthly Coupleversary *9 years 8 months, muehehehe* too and I wish he would send me a message but sadly, he did not. Feeling tired with my whole day activities, I went to bed early. And him? Just like many other working days, he came back late.

But it was past midnight when he woke me up to this....

Alahaiiii~~! Comelness! As in he got me a nice shirt and in a right size. And with my all time favourite double choc cookies too!

What else could I ask for from my husband? I know I am married to a very nice man in this whole wide world. *My world, orang lain punya world I tak kisah. Hehehehe*


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