Adam Haris 1st Birthday Party!

First and for most, a big thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Adam's 1st birthday last Saturday! And special thanks to my husband who paid for mostly everything about this parti liar except canopy and satay *referring to the theme, I called it parti liar* Hihihihi. Canopy and satay were sponsored by Adam's grandparents.

And thanks to fellow bloggers yang sudi datang jugak. =) Hanis, Munirah, Ezan, Leen, Fadd. Hope you had a good time there and sorry, kena layan diri. +P *Eyh party siapa ini? Kawan parents yang over ramai* hihihihi...

Our house is now like a toys shop and I think we have enough stocks for him for the next three years. Satu bulan Mama bukak satu mainan bagi Adam okeh? Thank you semua =)

Here is some info on his party supplies:
Theme - Jungle Babies!
Photographer -
Cake and cupcakes -
Bake Freshly
Balloons -
Balloon Buzz
Party kit - designed by PartiesbyHardie

So, here are few out of hundreds unofficial photos from his party. Not much photos of us and the guests, but more to decorations and stuff. Bolehlah kan?


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