1Superkids Family Day

First and for most, thank you Kak Lyna for inviting us to 1Superkids Family Day. Eksaited saya bab-bab nak bermajlis sosial nih. *Fuhh ayat!* Majlis sosial. Ok.
Abes tu, nak merasa events spesis Malaysia Tatler magazine tu adalah far from possible, so yang macam ni pun kira dah bagus dah. Ada juga orang nak invite ShilaShower. Ekekekekekke.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to visit each booth that was opened during the day as Adam was clinging on me. He refused to sit in his stroller and he was just like a little koala clinging to a eucalyptus tree. Aiyayayayayaya....

So we just walked around, said hye to people whom I think I know *agak-agak ikut firasat, ahahahha*, took pictures and decided to go back before Adam gets cranky for not getting his Nenenenen! *mana dia belajar cakap nenen ni, all that we know, semua orang bahasakan Susu or Milk* Aiyoh.

Anyway, we enjoyed the day so much. Kown gembira dengan nasi beriyaninya, Adam dengan belon freenya and ShilaShower dengan bergambar sana-sininya. :) So, that's a complete package for my one happy family.

With Hanz

With Kak Ros

With Azza

With Shai, ke Shy? Kamu, pls leave your link here :)


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