Bienvenue En France! Part 4 - Finale

So here come the last part of our trip - Eiffel Tower. Only.

No The Louvre, no Notre Dame Cathedral, no Arc de Triomphe whatsoever. Again because we didn't have enough time to cover all. I mean, what to expect when you only have a short 3 hours to spend? So we decided that Eiffel Tower the trademark of Paris will be it.

However, we didn't get to go up because the lines were too long and plus, the area was crazily thronged! With our little munchkin, climbing up to the top of Eiffel Tower was impossible for us. Perhaps next time, with Adik pulak ok?

But frankly speaking, I didn't immediately fall in love with Eiffel Tower when I first saw it. And not even now. KLCC is 1000 times better hokey?? I was surprise to see a lot of beggars and aggressive merchandiser in the area. The beggars will pester you to no end asking for foods and money while most of African vendors will bug you for them to sell trinkets, key chains, scarves and tower miniatures. It was so annoying because they were so pushy! For us, it's just best to ignore and avoid eye contact with any of them. Bukan tak kesian, but there are hundreds of them! So we just walked away.

We can't even stand back and stay a moment to enjoy the majesty of it. The only way for us to enjoy the place was to walk around the park. But again, I believe there is so much more to see in Paris and I shouldn't let my not-so-pretty experience in Eiffel Tower affects the rest. Everything is just about expectation and by any chance if there is "next time", then I would just look for something else :)

Last but not least, my long awaited agenda; a visit to Louis Vuitton flagship store. Muahahahaha. Jakun jakun. Tapi ada I kisah? There will always be a first time for everything and the rest will follow accordingly. :) Walking down to Champs Elysees avenue was a breeze because of its great sidewalks, shades from big trees and beautiful building full of shops and restaurants.

Everyone been telling me that LV products sold in France is generally cheaper than anywhere else in the world, so I made my first purchase here. Using my duit bonus and duit Nuffnang. Nyeh!Nyeh!Nyeh! And the net price after claiming back my VAT was Euro 380 and the exchange rate was only 4.2, that time. *Go do your math* I never thought that I would be able to afford anything from this line, but I was so wrong. I finally bought one and semoga tidak hook di situ terus. =P

The customer service was excellent! Very warm and inviting, unlike those in Malaysia. Mentang-mentang laki I pakai Keroks je, staff pun pandang kami sebelah mata. Tambah pulak Adam Haris dok terjerit-jerit dalam store, muahahahahha, mesti dia ingat orang mana sesat nih!* I felt really great to make my first purchase in that store. *Doa, harap-harap ada rezeki nak beli kat sini lagi, ekekekekeke*

So, that is how my Paris story ends. With a bag that will neverfull. :) *Beli jer lah, esok anak dah dua, nak beli GUESS pun silap-silap berkira. Kuikuikuikui*


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