Girls Night Out

Girls kerr???

Macam tak sesuai pulak. Ladies bunyi lebih bagus sikit. Semua dah masuk alaf bini orang and mak orang daaa.

It wasn't that long since our last "night-out" yet everyone was so excited on seeing each other again. And to me, girls-get-together works just as great as retail therapy :)

You go girls! *Tibe-tibe je lah kan*

Anyway, I have three 2010-most-important-weddings to attend but I think I can only make it to two. Mahap Anis yang cantik manis, mak dah meletop masa kamu kahwin. +P Now I need to think what type of baju-pesen that I will wear on my girls' wedding :)

To you lovelies, enjoy your short anak-dara-days before it becomes "Abang, nak keluar boleh?" or "Mama, tolong jaga baby hari ni boleh?" or "Sorry tak boleh lepak lah, laki aku suruh jaga dia kat umah" Ok fine, the last one tu macam nak kena sekeh pulak. Hihihihi.

And here the remaining shots :)


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