Happy 2nd Anniversary :)

Yeah, an anniversary wish that is late by one day. The date was yesterday but I was so packed with whole lot of things that I didn't have time to even write a short love note here. I thought of doing it at night, just before 24th May ends, but with the drama-tah-apa-apa-menyampah-pbfttt latter part of the day, I decided not write it at all. *Mogoklah konon*

However it was just a small scene created by my husband. =P

It was 4pm when I texted him, "Jadi dinner tak kalau tak ada kerja or meeting?" and I've checked his schedule earlier to double sure that he is free for the night. However, he replied me with this,

"Datin baru msg, dia cakap nak jumpa lepas maghrib tapi tak sure pukul berapa"

I was like, what??? Datin diaries tu lagi. For one day, which is on 24th May 2010, which is also our anniversary day, can you please stay away from my husband? *muahahaha, ini bukanlah skendel datin diaries, but a business deal* Still, buatlah meeting and discussion hari lain kannnnnnn???

So I said fine. Not in mood to do anything or whatsoever the world has to cheer me up, I went to bed early last night. *Shilashower senang aja, mogok-mogok pegi tidur lah. Tak payah nak berjaga sakit jiwa semua hokey??*

But being Mat Kown, he is such a sweetheart *blushing!* Hihihihi. He came back with these and it was just 9pm *eyh kata meeting sangat tadi?* He told me that he made up the whole story so that he can have enough time to go and buy flowers right after work. And he purposely didn't text me at all yesterday so that I will be more piss off on our anniversary.

Owh great. But please next time, don't do this again because it really turned me into a real mak-raksaksa-negeri-ultraman yesterday.

Nevertheless, Mat Kown is the man of life, whom I will never regret marrying him. Obviously not in typical ways of giving cards, buying flowers, cooking meals and on, but every once in a while, he will bring home a little surprise in his very own way.

Tho he may not remember most of our important days *because I saw the reminder on his phone stated our anniversary date, so naturally dia mungkin akan lupa, huhuhu*, but he is the best thing (besides my babies) in my life now.

I didn't expect to get any fancy schmancy gift because I know, the house that he is buying is already a great one for all of us. Putting all his hard earned money into a place that soon we will call home, isn't that the greatest thing of all? :) Anyway, I shall stop writing here or else you will puke reading all my mushi-mushi words to my husband. Full stop. Thank you. Bye.

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