Selayang Springs

Everything here in KL is just so expensive, from buying a property to entering a public toilet. As land becomes more scarce now, property acquisition is no longer a cheap affair now. It has witnessed a tremendous price increase and a house for instance, is absolutely expensive nowadays.

To have a family and proper living, buying or renting a house is always a perplexing question. As for us, we decided to stay at my parents house until we have enough money to spend for a place called home. Seriously, in my area, renting a house is not a good choice either. Rental for a 1980's built single storey house can easily be RM800 per month. Isn't that expensive?

Still the question arise, "when is the right time for us to buy a house?"

For some reasons, both of us have been holding back from buying a house until we realized that we should really do it now. A piece of land is getting more expensive, interest rate is getting higher and if we were to wait for another year, that means our loan tenure will also be less for one year.

We love a landed property and always dream to have one. But being realistic, we should look into our budget and buying beneath our means. And of course we don't want to pay a big amount of downpayment that will later leave us broke. =P So here we go, settled for a condominium, rumah atas angin.

This is totally a sudden decision that was never in our 2010 plan. NEVER. It was a quick thing when "we visited a show unit-it's nice-good facilities-great offers-and let's buy now". So we paid the first RM2k booking fee and yet to pay the remaining balance by end of this week.

Being me a perfectionist who always want things to be done in proper way (seperti checklist kahwin dalam excel file, hahahha), I have somehow forgo that part when buying this house. I didn't do much research and I simply felt in love with the show unit and the community surrounding the place, so instantly. Well, I know, in most cases, show unit memang indah khabar dari rupa kan. Still, I just love every bit about this place.

Selayang Springs is located in a green and low density area. So that's point number one. Point number two, the location itself is considered near to my parents place, hihihihi. Point number three, I don't have to worry about those essential services as it's close to Hospital Selayang, IPD Gombak, UITM, TESCO and schools. Point number four, with the price that we are paying and the facilities and home package that we will get in return, I will definitely say yes to this unit. Point number five, as most of the buyers are doctors, lecturers, high police officers and businessmen, I think the surrounding will be much safer than those in Kepong areas (banyak Pak Itam woh! Scary!).

So come what may, I will stick to this unit even if people say, "gile-kau-mahal-membazir-beli-condo-hidup-kera-sumbang". All I want to say is, this is our house where we will spend all the good and bad times together and it's our money of course. So shut up. Lebih baik ada rumah kecil dari tidak punya apa-apa. Kan?

I hope this whole process will be a smooth sailing one for the three and half of us. Amin. :)

*And thank you husband for agreeing with whatever that your wife decided. Tehehehehehe*

P/S: Cuci mata tengok show unit. I noticed there is not so much info and pictures of Selayang Spring on the internet. So I decided to make a post about it with tones of pictures attached together. Baru hot-hot-hit sikit traffic. Kuikuikuikui


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