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First and for most, thank you Nestle and Nuffnang for inviting me to the event held at Crowne Mutiara Plaza Hotel few weeks ago. It was an expert briefing on "Comprehensive Nutrition for Holistic Child Development" presented by Professor Bruce German. Prof. German is a professor at the Department of Food Sciences and Technology, University of California, Davis, USA as well as a Senior Scientific Advisor in Nestlé Research Center.

I feel honored to have been chosen to attend this expert briefing tho it was just a short one. Between, majority of the invitees are reporters for magazines, newspapers and TV3!

So, when they asked my from which company I'm from, I just said "shilashower dot blogspot". Tehehehehhe.

Anyway this event was held to promote Neslac Excella Gold in conjunction with Malaysia visit of Prof. German.

A little bit about the session, Prof. German said that smart food choices are vital for our kids growth and development. In the world today, we have indefinite choice of foods but not everything is healthy for the kids.

He said that maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial versus bad bacteria in the gut helps keep the immune system healthy. You can do this by ensuring a daily intake of foods containing probiotics as well as prebiotics, the dietary fibre on which the beneficial bacteria will feed.

According to Prof. German, getting the balance of nutrients just right when developing any nutritional formulation is challenging. But there are also other ways in which we can help make children healthier through our comprehensive nutrition formulations.

Even myself, is very particular with my baby meal plan but not to the extend of following dietary guidelines religiously. But sweetary products, chocolates, mi goreng, air sirap, ayam tandori whatsoever are those with big NO to my son. *Because there was one time when I saw a mom give a glass full of "teh ais" to her baby son, which I bet is no more than 1 year old* Huhuhuhuhu...

Most of the time, I prefer to give my son our own homemade food unless if we are on the go when I have to feed him instant baby cereal. So, that very much explains why I have to carry that Philips baby food processor and small pot when travelling.

But again, healthy meal plan for our children is just part of important factors that affect their growth as there are more things that play a vital role in developing them.

And owh, I was happy to get free full size box of Neslac Excella Gold baby milk, because my baby is one year old now, which means it's time for new formula and I have one box to try then. :)

Well, obviously there many brands out there for Adam to try, but I can see that Neslac Excella Gold is a specially formulated milk that gives him a well-balanced nutrition to support all-round development through a 3-pronged holistic approach.

1. Guard
Neslac Excella Gold contains BL Bifidus (friendly bacteria) and Prebio 1(food for friendly bacteria)..This combination of probiotic & prebiotic is working together to create a healthy digestive system for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Friendly bacteria also will guard your child against harmful bacteria

2. Activate
It also contains DHA, SPH, ARA and SA which are important for brain development to help activate your child’s learning.

3. Grow
It offers a balanced nutrition for your child with adequate energy, protein, and 15 essential vitamins and minerals for good growth.

All in all, it was a very informative 2 hours session and I came back with hand full of goodies and happy filled tummy from lunch served by hotel.


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