Our first Euro trip :)


Okels demmit. I always have ideas flowing through my head, but I don't know where to start and get it down completely here.

Macam ni boleh la kot.

First and for most, our 8 days trip to Germany and France wasn't a full blown holidays like our previous ones. I called it percutian-terkejut-tergempaq because it was never listed in our 2010 plan. We spent 2 days in Paris and the rest in Frankfurt. So, with only 2 days in France, definitely not enough time to scratch the surface of city of love. We only had Disneyland Park, Eiffel Tower and yeah, that was it. Takpe, nanti kumpul duit datang lagi bawak adik pulak. :)

And Frankfurt itself is not really a place for holidays as it's more a place to work. The city itself is a financial hub to Germany. But fret not, the pedestrian street from Hauptwache to Konstablerwache is lined with well know department stores and definitely a great place to shop till you drop! There are two good things about shopping in Frankfurt *personally to me*:

1. I can easily find a nice shirt or blouse with great price in my size. For example, 10 Euro Promod tunic top. That's about RM42! Same goes with H&M, Zara and few other local brands. Baju dekat downtown or KL Sentral lagi mahal woh!

And I noticed that Zara and Hugo Boss apparels are dirt cheap over there!

2. I can get VAT tax refund on goods bought in Germany and Paris too. All in cash just before leaving the country! Tak meriah tu?? I'll explain about it in later entry.:)

Anyway, here are few facts and figures on our first experience travelling with an infant.

(a) We bought the tickets from Qatar Airways. That was the cheapest that time. RM2300 for an adult and RM400 for an infant. MAS was double the price. SIA and the rest were out of case.

(b) Total travelling time was 16 hours inclusive 3 hours transit in Doha, Qatar. Good that we transited in Doha as I managed to feed my baby, change his nappy and allow him free for a while. Kalau tak, mau keras duduk dalam bassinet 13 jam kan?

(c) We gate-checked the stroller by having a tag for it and leaved it before we board the plane. But yo mommies and daddies, be sure to fold it when you leave it, otherwise the airport people may use any ways necessary to get it folded. Hancus nanti.

(d) I bought few new hot wheel cars to keep my baby amused but heh, this tactic didn't last that long. After a while Adam pun bosan and decided to entertain himself in the bassinet by making sounds and faces. Adoyaiii lawak jugak anak haku ni kadang-kadang.

(e) Please use pull-up pants baby diapers for your own convenience. Senang nak tukar dalam plane.

(f) Make sure you have enough baby needs in the baby bag. Baby wipes, formulas, biscuits, cereals, one extra clothings, diapers and small toys. Hot and warm water boleh request on plane. So as asking the help from stewardess to wash your baby bottles. :)

(g) Owh, foods in Doha airport come with a hefty price tag. Ridiculously expensive! Imagine satu sandwich bodo yang hanya ada cheese sekeping and orange cordial going for 54 Qatar Riyal!! Qatar Riyal and Ringgit Malaysia value lebih kurang aja apa. So I decided to leave the foods at counter and blah begitu sahaja. No wonder there were few tourists went mad with the price charged. The man before me was charged USD20 for a piece of doughnut and just like many others, he just left that piece at the cashier and walked away empty handed.

Pengajaran, kalau kena transit Doha, bawaklah bekal makanan dan air. Memang sumpah mahal gile tak masuk akal harga makanan dia. Even one set of A&W costs about 64 Qatar Riyal! Imagine makan fast food harga lebih kurang RM60?? Gile la tu kan?

(h) Stewardess Qatar Airways tak lawa pun. Sememeh je nengok. Body postures totally out. After few hours flying, rambut dah serabai, baju dah tak tuck in and more. MH lagi 100 kali gorjes! Hhihihihi.

(i) Time difference between Malaysia and Germany is 6 hours. Germany 6 hours behind. And know what? Adam body clock is totally disrupted now! It has been 3 days that he followed Germany time. Tidur pukul 3 pagi, bangun pukul 1pm. Nap time from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Pening makkkk! Kita dah balik Malaysia Tanah Tumpah Darahku nak oii..

Well, that's about it for part 1. Will continue when more ideas pouring down :)


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