Me as leader? BA-HA-HA!!

Like OMG! That's so funny!

But seriously, my brother called me last night and asked me, "Kak Ween nak letak Kak Shila as Ketua Puteri UMNO Cawangan Kepong boleh? Tak susah, nanti dia bagitau apa kena buat"

Laughing out loud! Rolling on the floor!

Come on, don't create this Bang-Bang-Boom scene right here. I can't even lead a team, let alone to give a speech on stage. You have a wrong candidate, saya adalah shy-shy-cat orangnya. My leadership and social skill adalah di bawah paras normal. Seriously, no kidding.

Being a leader is not about carrying the title only but it touches every single bit of thing that our community may concern. If let's say someone came to you and said, "pakcik hujung kampung sana sakit teruk" and you can't just reply, "OWH YER KER?". That's not a good leader. At least you have to go and visit that poor pakcik and do something about it. I'm not sure if I'm capable of that; of being concern to people because I don't think that I've shown enough to my love ones pun. Huhuhuhuhu.

For that, sila cari calon lainlah. But I can be a good leader to rombongan cik kiah ke sukan komanwel. Eyh tak, ke lawatan makan angin maksud saya. =P


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