My self employed husband is back!


First yeay because he just came back from Terengganu and brought back my keropok lekor as requested. *Checked! I saw it in the freezer*

Second yeay because I know that he will be free for this coming one week. Ok fine, not that free, but at least I can expect him to be home by 11pm and we will get to spend this weekend together :)

So, that's a double yeay for Adam and me, because we haven't seen him properly for past two weeks. At times, his workload has taken its toll on us but we both know that we have to make do with it. Of course either one of us has to work harder to give better lifestyle to our kids and yeah, that's him. Being a self employed can at least provide more than a fix income earner like me.

I think Adam is missing his daddy too. Because there were few times when I saw him pulling his dad's shirt out the drawer and start kissing it endlessly. *Drama betul ok* But one thing for sure, Adam will be happier if his daddy is around, because he knows that daddy will definitely takes him for few rounds of "go-car". (Go-car adalah aktiviti naik kereta and pergilah mana pun and baru balik rumah) And I know that my husband is facing a real challenge too as to do more things with Adam with so little time available.

Normally, when I go moody because he has to go for all these unscheduled meetings and appointments, or unplanned outstation, he will just say, "Please? Nak beranak dekat Pantai tak? Nak bagi adik pakai Mamipoko tak? Nak bagi Adam minum Isomil tak?" and yeah, that's a good words to cool me down. Tehehehehehe. Yerlah, dah abang Adam dapat layanan kelas satu, adik pun kena lah dapat sama kan. =P

Just in case if I don't, he will just say, "Nak shopping tak??" +P

P/S: Owh, saya beli dua makhluk kacang itu di Hallmarks, The Gardens :)


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