Please don't be like one of those...

Alhamdulillah, the SuperMATH camp; an intensive math course organized by my husband and colleagues, went on successfully for two days with nearly 400 students participated. But, my husband is still on his ChipsMore mode because he has another project that need to be worked on closely. *Hari ni jumpa suami, tau-tau esok suami dah pegi tah mana-mana aja...huhuhuhu* He has been busy for the past few weeks and I think, this current situation will continue until July. *Sobssss...*

Anyway, handling a life with a child and a busy husband is not a topic here. =P What I want to share with you are two situations that we encountered while handling the SuperMATH course and I hope that none of us will be like any of below:

1. One of the parents called in and said, "Saya nak anak saya join tapi anak saya ada program lain di sekolah, jadi boleh tolong tukar date program ke hari lain supaya anak saya dan pelajar senasib dengannya boleh turut serta?" And of course, this pakcik was not happy when we said NO.

My comment: Pakcik, at that point of time, we already had nearly 100 of registered students and adakah make sense to change the date just to cater your kids? So parents, just in case you plan to request for something, please consider others as well. ;)

2. Surprisingly, few parents called in and commented that the fee of RM150 is expensive. Of fine, the word expensive is subjective to each and everyone of us. But come to think of it, rombongan tadika ke zoo negara nowadays could easily be RM70-80 pun kan? Just to highlight, the company didn't make big profit from the fee, because they have to cover every bit from UIA lecture hall rental fee, meals, course kit, facilitators and yeah, the price charged to bring in angkasawan negara and kanak-kanak genius Math was expensive as well.
*Tapi siriyes, mahal rupanya harga Dato' hensem tuh. Huhuhuhu*

Some even requested, "Letak harga RM30 boleh lah". Yeah boleh, but don't expect it to be intensive with well known speakers to come in. Probably boleh panggil kaunselor sekolah itu pun kalau boleh cover cost. Makan 5 kali sehari pun dah lebih RM30 yer dak?

So again, please use your common in making request.

I know, some even said,
"kesian lah yang tak berkemampuan tuh. ilmu kan patut dikongsi bersama?"

Yeahh I agreed that ilmu patut dikongsi. But do you think that you can easily get ilmu Adi Putra by knocking his door and said, "Adi, sila share ilmu kamu". No, you won't get it that way. But again, the organizer has put aside some allocation to cover the cost for anak-anak yatim and hopefully that covers the part for golongan tak berkemampuan. :) You can't expect things to come for free especially ilmu anak-anak yer dak?

Jadi pakcik makcik, kakak abang, please jangan marah if we cannot lower down the price sampai RM30 for this intensive course. *Lagi-lagi untuk para bapa yang juga perokok tegar, berapa harga sekotak rokok sekarang?* Eyh, ,tibe-tibe guna comparison rokok pulak. Kuikuikuikui. =P

The whole point now is, if you really want to request for something, just use a little bit of common sense and please be considerate to others as well. :) The world is just not about us. Peace!


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