A quick one before I doze off again

Seriously, at this state, I don't mind to selamba-kodok sleeping in front of my pc. With these runny nose, muscle aches, sore throat and chills, all I want to do now is sleep. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking at 2.53PM and that means I have 2.5 hours more to kill before I can call it a day. I'm not sure whether to swallow another tablet of Chlorpheniramine because I already had three since yesterday, still nothing good happens. Errgghhh, this severe cold ain't no fun at all. But eyh, there's one good thing of being cold and fever; my husband drove me to work this morning. :)

Note to husband: Can I have steamed bread with kaya and premium salted butter for dinner tonight? Ala, yang dekat Bangi Kopitiam yang 2 keping dah harga RM3.20 tuh? *Mahal betoi! Roti benggali ja pon* Tapi sedap...


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