14 months old Adam, pregnancy hormones and a DURIAN

Yeah, he eats durian and surprisingly he loves it so much! Ok not a big surprise actually, because this young man loves to eat almost everything that we offered him. Adam Haris, our little boy with a big appetite to Nyum Nyum! *Duh! The whole Cik-Kiah clan is kaki-makan pun, what do you expect huh?* So here the evidence that he finally got his first taste of durian yesterday and the idea of kita-bagi-dia-jilat-saja ended up with a spoonful of it. *sudu baby, so not that much lah*

Done with my baby and here another story of pregnancy and its crazy hormones that cause you to act weirdly. Throughout my 27 years of life, I never like to eat durian until recently, when we were in the car and passing by a durian stall and I told my husband, "Abang, nak makan durian"

Knowing that his wife is not a big fan of durian, he flashed me this muka-buang-tebiat-kah-bini-aku? But because we already passed that durian stall, he made a promise that he will buy it for me later. But that later became days and then week until I finally got my first bite of it last Sunday. *Thank you Cik Jah. Suami cek busy, nak beli durian pun takdan* Hihihihihi. To date, I have eat one whole durian to myself and for someone who has never love durian for the entire life, this is really a big thing. See? My taste buds have gone haywire now.

I eat this spiky five chambered fruit people! I eat it!

If you love to eat durian, go and get yours now before the season is over. :)


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